October65 produce bespoke systems large and small, to run on Windows, Linux or Unix operating systems.

Products currently under development, which will be generally available are listed below:


RDXPro : A professional system for analysis and mapping of ground probing radar images. This system allows multiple format radar images to be displayed and analysed by the operator, allowing targets to be identified and mapped. The subsequent data can then be exported to a CAD file suitable for import to AutoCAD R14 or later using the DXF CAD file format. The data produced can be used to display online 3D images of a site, or plot 2D site surveys. By providing site topology data the resultant data can be imported into AutoCAD diagrams of the above ground survey of the site acquired using typical surveying data mappers. The result gives a total site survey from what can be seen above ground, to what cannot be seen below ground.

The interface used is intuitive and easy to use, providing quick access to the data, and fast target mapping. Both Geographical Survey Systems Inc., Radan files, and ERA SPR data files can be imported into RDXPro.

Next time you have to lay a trench, dig foundations, or accurately locate underground services, your life has now become much easier. By utilising the latest ground probing radar and our analysis tool you can identify potential problems before they occur, thus preventing unforseen expense.

Latest News:

22/04/04 Version 2.0 Now available. This version has many enhancements over its predecessors, utilising OpenGL 3D graphics to enable all round viewing of the mapped site.
20/10/03 Version V1.8 Now available. This version adds some new features, and fixes a number of bugs. Major improvements include better image enhancement for SPR data.This is likely to be the last release for version 1.